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Are you looking for customized training designed according to your needs and taught by experts? Cyclone Santé is a leader in specialized training, personalized workshops and lectures.

Our professionals will help you improve and update your knowledge about occupational health and safety by informing you about the latest trends, standards and jurisprudence. Cyclone Santé puts its team of experts is at your service to provide you with a better understanding of legal and health-related issues.


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At Cyclone Santé, our multidisciplinary and highly skilled team of professionals designs specialized and customized training and workshops. We have helpful answers, credible and relevant information you can rely on to manage your occupational health and safety records.

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Do you need to deepen your knowledge on a specific topic? Cyclone Santé designs customized training according to your needs.

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Examples of past workshops

Here is an overview of previous workshops we designed.

Psychological Harassment at Work

CNESST is receiving an increasing number of psychological harassment complaints. This workshop explains how to proceed with your investigation to determine if the complaint is well founded. We will also explain how to write opposing comments and the identification of personal conditions. We also include an overview of the latest Case Law.

Mandate of the Expert

During this workshop, all aspects of the role of an expert are explained. We explain when to request an independent medical evaluation, how to draft a mandate and which questions can be asked to the expert. We will also clarify the TAT, Collège des médecins and civil courts guidelines regarding independent medical evaluation and the quality assurance of the evaluation.

Conciliation at the TAT

This workshop helps you prepare for your conciliation process. It advises you regarding which type of case can be settled through conciliation, the different options available during the conciliation process and which strategy to use during conciliation. We will also discuss the financial impacts of conciliation.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The legalization of cannabis puts back on the agenda the topic of the drug and alcohol in the workplace. All aspects of the topic will be discussed: how to elaborate an efficient policy, testing for drug, the right to do a search and disciplinary measures.

Latest Developments in OH&S

We offer you a review of important Case Law from the TAT and the superior courts since January 2019, on the following subjects: eligibility of work-related injuries, compensation, cost sharing, prevention and complaints under section 32 of the the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational disease.