Joé Harvey

Joe Harvey

President of Cyclone Santé

Joé Harvey

Joé Harvey, an experienced leader, President of Cyclone Santé, has an extensive background in advising companies specializing in independent medical evaluations and healthcare services.

Joé Harvey’s vision, creativity, innovative thinking, and dynamism have led her to become a successful professional as well as a valuable active member in her community.

Joé Harvey, in finding her vocation, has proved to be a vector of change in the healthcare industry.

Under her leadership, since 2010, Cyclone Santé has become a key player in the field by bringing together to best resources in occupational health and safety.

The company’s head office is located Downtown Montreal; has offices throughout the province of Quebec, as well as partners nationwide.

The successful growth of Cyclone Santé is driven by the motivation of its President and consortium of experts to provide top quality independent medical evaluations to employers, managers and insurers.

Joé Harvey is actively involved in her community, as she serves on numerous boards of directors, including Leucan for which she served as Senior Vice-President. Joé Harvey is one of the founding members and President of Fondation Édouard et ses étoiles.