Our Team

A Dynamic Team

Joé Harvey and Richard Jobin can count on a high performing team to support them in their mission. « We are proud to work with a highly skilled team that provides an exceptional service. »

The employees have a strong team spirit. It creates a positive work environment. They organize numerous social activities which help strengthen the bonds. This contributes to the retention and the well-being of the employees, in addition to resulting in a sustained commitment to the company and its clients.

Joe Harvey


Joé Harvey

Joé Harvey, President of Cyclone Santé is a visionary, creative and audacious, leader of experience who has built a solid reputation as an advisor for companies in the independent medical evaluation and healthcare industry.

Joé Harvey found her vocation becoming a vector of change in healthcare services. Under her leadership, since 2010, with the best resources in occupational health and safety, Cyclone Santé has become a key player in the field.

Actively involved in the community, Joé Harvey serves on numerous boards of directors, including Leucan for which she served as First Vice-President. Joé Harvey is one of the founding members and President of Fondation Édouard et ses étoiles.

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Richard Jobin

Cumulating over 25 years of experience, Richard Jobin has an excellent reputation as a consultant in the occupational health and safety field. His extensive background includes being the Founding President of one of the most important companies in the OHS services industry.

He played an important role on several major projects. Since 2012 he is contributing to the growth of Cyclone Santé with its extensive experience and its expertise in business development.

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Rciahrd Jobin

Vice President and Partner

Maxime Jobin

Maxime Jobin joined Cyclone Santé in November 2019. He has over 15 years of experience in management positions in small & medium sized companies as well as large public corporations offering consulting and technological services in human resources, wellness and occupational health and safety.

Maxime Jobin is known for his strong ability to listen and communicate effectively with others. Always motivated and action-oriented, he has a great track record of delivering above and beyond expected results. He relies on the strengths of his team members, his partners and clients to build solid and lasting relationships.

Maxime holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from McGill University as well as an Executive MBA from UQAM and from Université Paris-Dauphine.

Within Cyclone Santé, Maxime Jobin’s main responsibilities are to improve the customer experience, manage operations and human resources, and participate in business development.

About us

Cyclone Santé provides independent medical evaluation in several fields of specialization, throughout the province of Quebec, and across Canada. Cyclone Santé has become a leader in the industry because of the expertise of its medical staff and the quality of its team.

As a business partner, our team provides customized solutions to satisfy the specific needs of each customer. Our flexibility allows us to provide tailored solutions to employers, managers and insurers: independent medical evaluation, opinion on medical file, specialized training and physician and nurse outsourcing.

Collaborating with Cyclone Santé means taking advantage of all resources developed with the customer experience in mind. Our goal is to become a strategic ally and we are working very hard to offer you the best support with your occupational health and safety issues.

Cyclone Santé’s head office is located in Downtown Montreal. They have offices in Quebec City, Chicoutimi, Saint-Hyacinthe, points of service and partners nationwide.

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