Independent Medical Evaluation

Our company, Cyclone Santé is a leader in the field because of the quality of our independent medical evaluations. Our services are available in the province of Quebec and across Canada. The purpose of an independent medical evaluation is to provide credible, unbiased and detailed information on the clinical status of an injured employee. The assessor will produce a detailed and precise report based on scientific evidence, after the analysis of a specific situation.We will provide you with objective answers concerning occupational health and safety questions or requests (CNESST), invalidity claims and other medico-legal issues.

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Opinion on medical file

Opinion on medical file is part of our expertise. In specific circumstances, this solution allows an assessment of the situation without physically evaluating the employee.

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Trainings and specialize lectures

We offer customized trainings to help you stay up to date with the new norms and jurisprudence in occupational health and safety. Our qualified trainers offer on site training or will travel to the location of your choice. We also offer lectures on various topics.

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Physician and Nurse Outsourcing

Cyclone Santé specializes in occupational health physician outsourcing. For a short, medium or long-term assignment, trust our professionals with your medical assessments, the management of your medical files and the management of your disability programs. Our expert physicians can advise you on the organization of your occupational health and safety program. Our nurses can help you with your vaccination campaign, act as a first responder, offer OHS trainings and do your employees’ medical follow-ups.

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