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To request an appointment


To book an appointment for an independent medical evaluation at one of our clinics or with one of our affiliated doctors, please send your requests to:


Please make sure to include the name of your worker, their date of birth and their diagnostic. One of our agents will treat your request in a timely manner. 

Medical opinion based on chart review

In addition to IME services, did you know that Cyclone Santé offers medical opinions based on chart reviews? This option is flexible, does not require a meeting between the doctor and the worker and includes:

  • In-depth analysis of employee medical files
  • Recommendations regarding treatment follow-up
  • Return-to-work planning with the employee and employer
  • Hourly billing in order to minimize costs related to the medical assessment
  • Easier access to several medical interventions during disability leave

All initiatives are designed to promote a rapid return to work for all parties concerned.