Cyclone Health - TESTIMONY

Montreal July 25th, 2016


Cyclone Health -  TESTIMONY

One of our employeeshad been struggling with diabetes was advised by her family doctor to consult with a nurse to ensure better control of her glucose. She sought the services of a nurse in December but had to make other arrangements in January as the service was interrupted. She then turned to the Cyclone Santé Mini-clinic services offered by our organization to all employees and schedule an appointment. Their nurse recommended to consult an endocrinologist working at Cyclone Santé and so she did. 

Since then, our employee has immensely improved her health thanks to the medical support offered by Cyclone Santé's team. Her glucose level hasn't been this stable for almost 15 years and even her general appearance has improved as she noticed a significant weight loss. She is pleased with the care and helps and felt like she needed to share the good news!

Thanks to the support of her employer, this employee stabilized her diabetes and improved her life quality. Both she and her employer benefit from this experience. She even reduced the cost of her medications which is excellent for our group insurance plan..


BNP Paribas Manager, Montreal.